Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More News on Impracticality

I don't understand much of this phenomenon called 'movie'.
All I know is that evoking such feelings is something worse than magic.
It's spellbinding.
Nothing makes me want a private theater to myself more than this film. I saw it once. I enjoyed it. Reflecting on it and viewing the trailer again have brought so many emotions on me that I don't know what to do with myself.
Here's the trailer.
I'm not expecting you to be bowled over with feeling. But I do know that I would love to screen this movie alone and cry. Because it's beautiful.

I'm seeing it again this weekend. Thank goodness.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nothing can convince me more than this clip of Cher.

And then take a gleeful cry.

Just freshly arrived from my Heifer trip, (Not really freshly, though) I am hot onto a weekend of slam-o-rama fun-ness. Heifer was very eye-opening and informative--I've come back with two thoughts fully formed:
*Every politician should be made to recieve their training by attending Heifer.
*George Bush should be impeached for being an idiot and...did I forget something? Oh! Right--people, we also can be arrested on the street without a trial and so much as a half-thought out accusation.
Sound creepy?

Visited Little Rock, Arkansas on the way home. Among other things I went to see the Bill Clinton Presidental Library. Made me sad and nostalgic. I want a shirt that says, 'I Miss Bill.'

Well, if Hillary runs I might not need to get it.

If you're not clued into my world, then take this pill and we'll have a little refresher.
So about this EXACT time last year I read a little book called Twilight.
And so this time THIS year, I'm meeting the God of all things Twilight, Stephenie Meyer.

I thank you, God!

Nothing says I'm obsessed with your books more than wearing fangs to the meeting--sadly though, these could not be attained in time, and so I'll just go with the book logic, seeing as her vampires don't have fangs anyway.

So...this is pretty much a HUGE life occassion...

In other news, Austin is in the forecast as well as CATS stuff, my grandparents 50th, and a highly anticipated Halloween dance.

...Sadly, my forehead seems to have sprouted some horrifying zits.

Ahh. The joys of bad timing.

I'll get over it,
(Who really won't, but says so to convince herself anyway.)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I wonder why the world has so many fish populations?

Can I suggest this?
These are some things to brighten your musical day. Because they work for me. Why not you?

For that inner punk-techno keyboard queen living inside:
The Killers.
(pronounced by McDonald's employees as The Keeylers)

For that dark theatrically smiley kid emerging:
My Chemical Romance..
..Saved my life?
(They saved others!)

For underground wow-I-cant-believe-its-not-discovered happiness:
Nightmare of You
(I have had no nightmares, yet.)

British sounds to drive you insane with music driven hunger:
(I wanna be their Muse!)

For just about any occasion, cause it's just good and classic:
Green Day.
(I don't care what you say about them. They're mine :)=

Sexy beats with foreign accents to make you happy and wonder about the lyrics:
Franz Ferdinand.
(Not the archduke...)

Excuse me. I have a call to make.


Eve who says SYLVIA! a lot.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ice tea on Those Unbearable Hurricane Surfboards

This is going to be a very small little shout-out to that wonderful world of literature that I am COMPLETELY sucked into. (No pun intended)
Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer! Pass the love around, and cross your fingers hope to DIE I get to go see Stephenie in Austin!
Thank you, and I am now going to try and write more frequently.

PS: Any Anti-social behavior is resulting from contemplation of reading those books over again!


Eve the Vampire.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The "Lemonade-Stand-Kids" Caught after a record 117 bank break-ins.

Today I viewed the much buzzed over "Superman Returns" and enjoyed it thoroughly and most appreciatively, although to some it was just 'fun' for its type.
Classic movies, music, books, etc. always tend to annoy me. Let the population, myself included, who want to view things with open minds and not have their opinions pre-tainted see if that item is indeed a classic.
Ever thought about old Betty Davis movies? You know, the melodrama sandwich which I do enjoy to eat myself. But what if that movie was taken and re-enacted by somhow resurrecting the same actors for the same performances, only this time in color and the whole sha-bang? Well, I'm not so sure it would take off so hotly.
Now, I'm not saying that things that have been deemed classic don't deserve the title, I'm just throwing out the idea that maybe things should have the chance to all be thrown from the pedastal and seen for what talent, and what treasure they hold.
This is very iffy though, considering that I am aware "classics" usually have many a thing to do with the fact that people think the craftmanship of a current era was exceptional for its time. But they are indeed just that, exceptional for their time. Do they withstand the time difference? If so, then they are properly awarded the title of classic.

Classic-Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.

Wrapping around to the beginning, I'd just like to say that in MY eyes, and I say this with everything in mind and not pressing this upon anyone, Superman Returns will be awarded for being an excellent movie. Not for it's 'type' but in general. Will it end up being a "classic"?

Only time can tell.

and thats super.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Quite Possibly a Scientific Discovery for the Masses

Ah. The touchy subject of a 'poser' is nothing more than something that EVERYONE loves to discuss.
Myself included.
But, for reference, I am trying to steer clear of judging and therefore this is my last stand on the topic which from here-on will be forever dispensed from my mind.

A poser to me can truly mean several different things. There are many different 'posers' but I'm going to only touch on a few.

Music poser-Someone who listens to something because its cool and everyone else likes it; someone who declares absolute love for a band (and or person) that they have only experienced a few songs of. (Not familiar with any work of theirs but a few hits)

An *IN CROWD* poser- Someone who dresses, talks, writes, and acts like everyone else and then thinks that they are 'different'; Someone who becomes friends with people only to insure their own social life, or *PUBLIC OUTLOOK*.

That Annoying poser thats just a poser- No way to explain, but everything is for someone else or some 'ideal standard'. Usually you can spot them a mile away.

Thank you and Now I've had my rant.

Good night and good luck,

How it came to be that I housed a gothic penguin.

The names are strange, I know. But you must understand that growing up in the cultural boom of the '90s causes some nicknames to go to strange desperation.
I actually like them though, beside the point that they don't "get out much". As in, usually people don't know what the heck they are or mean, and myself, I just RECENTLY explored them, considering I'd taken for granted they were just part of the English language.
The Eveinator-
The Terminator smashed to Eve's name.
Stevie Wonder, you cool cats you.

I believe this puts us onto the same page now, and might I just add that my titles will have nothing to do with my blogs. Be forewarned.
But just to satisfy fellow penguin lovers:

"The Gothic penguin is a normal resident of Darkartica, but recently a rare specimen found its way into the lemonade isle at the local convienence store. I bravely took him home to only find out that I would need a larger fridge, and now am spear-heading the PAAHAJNH comittee, which stands for Penguins Are Actually Happy And Just Need Homes. The task is daunting as seemingly people think that "Happy Gothic Penguins" are an oxy-moron."